Webshots Desktop – Free Screensaver and Wallpapers

Webshots Desktop is a state-of-the-art photo-management application that provides tools for managing photo albums and sharing images online. It also offers wallpaper and slideshow functionality.

With just one click, you can have millions of photos as your screensaver and wallpaper, including your personal photos and Webshots collection of new photos every day. You can even upload, store and share your own personal photos and videos for FREE. You can get new professional and member photos delivered to your desktop every day! Plus, you can find more photos on Webshots or the web with the included search.

All you have to do is download and install the free Desktop Application. This application  is needed to download photos from Webshots. During the installation you have to enter your Webshots member name and password so you can sign in and personalize the application. After installation, the application will be automatically launched and you can set your preferences by clicking on the options button.

Finally, if you have any question you can read the FAQ or send us an email.

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