Jumpto – Your Own Secure Web Browser

Jumpto is a secure web browser that can be used to access websites without exposing your personal identity or private information. Its inbuilt very fast browser contains all the features that you need and none of the overhead that you don’t need.

Do you want to browse the Internet without disclosing your personal information(i.e. ip address, browser type, operating system etc) ? You might also want to access websites that are blocked by higher authorities or show different ip address (preferably from a different country) to the outside world. A web proxy will do the trick to a certain extent, but they flood your screen with obnoxious advertisements and other nuisances.  There are number of other limitations  inherent in web proxy services such as limited support for video sites like Youtube, slow speeds etc.

JUMPTO web browser can be used as an alternative to web proxy services. It permits high speed anonymous web surfing without  obnoxious advertisements. You can access websites around the world without exposing your personal identity or private information. This software allows you to easily choose your proxy location anywhere in the world where JUMPTO servers are located. At Present their servers are located in United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada. Jumpto is available in four different subscription plans, namely Free, Lite, Pro and Unlimited which include 250 MB, 5 GB, 50 GB, and unlimited monthly bandwidth, respectively.

How to install JUMPTO?

1. Navigate to jumpto.com and create a FREE Jumpto account on the Jumpto website. This will give you an extra 250MB bandwidth for each month.

2. Click on the “Download” button on the top right corner of the site to download the Jumpto software.

3. Install the Jumpto software by locating and double-clicking the jumpto-setup.exe file that you downloaded. Follow the installation instruction to setup Jumpto on your computer. Installation may include an automatic install of the Microsoft .NET Framework software, which is necessary for running Jumpto on your computer.

4. Launch the Jumpto Secure Login screen by double-clicking the orange Jumpto logo on your desktop. To begin using Jumpto you must enter your “User Name” and “Password” followed by a click on the “Sign In” button on the Sign In page.

5. You can access the secure browser by clicking the Secure Browsing button on the top left side of the Jumpto software interface. The button is located below the Jumpto logo, under the Overview Panel button.

You can invite more users to join Jumpto and receive 250 MB of FREE monthly bandwidth per user. Use Jumpto and have a great, secure and private browsing.